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Thrifty Tuesday: Tips for Saving as a Senior

Being a savvy shopper is a skill at any age! Whether you enjoy shopping in-store, or the convenience of shopping online, seniors often have access to various discounts and perks. Here are some tips to help you save money:

  1. Senior Discounts: Many stores offer discounts for seniors on certain days or specific products. Always ask if there's a senior discount available.

  2. Membership Programs: Join loyalty programs or memberships that offer discounts. Look for stores that provide special benefits for seniors. Online stores may ask you to provide your email address in exchange for a discount or free shipping for your purchase. You can also hear about new products and promotions by subscribing to their e-newsletters or emails.

  3. Couponing: Keep an eye on flyers, newspapers, or online sources for coupons. Many brick and mortar stores and online stores accept coupons, helping you save on your purchases. If you are shopping online, you can download the free "Honey" extension onto your web browser and at the click of a button you can use all of the coupon codes out there associated with the store and your cart items! Download the extension here .

  4. Price Matching: Some stores offer price-matching policies. If you find the same product at a lower price elsewhere, inquire if they can match or beat the price. If you don't receive paper copies of the flyers in your mailbox, you can download the free app "Flipp", which will allow you to create shopping lists and browse all flyers in your area! To download this app to your phone, search for it in your app store.

  5. Discount Days: Some stores have specific days when they offer discounts to seniors. Check with your local stores (thrift stores, grocery, restaurants, pharmacy, etc.) to know if they have designated days for senior discounts.

  6. Clearance and Sales: Be on the lookout for clearance racks and sales sections. You can find great deals on quality products that are on markdown. Be wary of only buying something because it's on sale and only purchase if it's something you would normally buy anyways.

  7. Seasonal Sales: Timing your purchases with seasonal sales (like back-to-school or holiday sales) can help you snag items at discounted prices. For example, purchasing holiday decorations right after Christmas is when you'll find the steepest discounts on items you'll be able to use next year.

  8. Bulk Buying: Consider buying non-perishable items in bulk to save money in the long run. Just be mindful of practicality, storage space and expiry dates. Find a neighbour or friend who enjoys the same product as you and share the cost and the savings!

  9. Generic Brands: Opt for generic or store brands instead of name brands. They are often more affordable and can be of comparable quality.

  10. Compare Prices: Don't hesitate to shop around whether in-store or online when making a larger purchase.

  11. Prescription Savings: If you have prescription medications, inquire about senior discounts or generic options to reduce costs. You family doctor may be able to give additional guidance on options based on your level of prescription coverage.

Remember to stay informed about the specific policies of the stores you visit, and don't be afraid to ask about discounts. Stores love having seniors frequent their stores as they usually bring loyalty and word of mouth influence, so use that to your advantage on your next shopping trip!

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