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Behind Every Great Dad: An Interview That 'Nurtures'

As Father’s Day approaches, we (SCV) take a moment to celebrate the fathers who have shaped our lives. Today, we speak with a senior resident (FC) of a local retirement community, who reflects on his journey as a father and his own childhood. His stories offer a heartfelt glimpse into the joys and challenges of fatherhood, reminding us of the lasting bonds between fathers and their children.

SCV: What are a few fond memories you have of growing up?

FC: Standing on a chair playing vinyl records so my Uncle , in his army uniform, could dance with his wife. Skiing with my friends in the mountains in Sudbury and cooking potatoes or a can of beans.

SCV: What do you remember about your parents when you were young?

FC:  My Father was always working and my Mother was always cooking on a wood burning stove so we could have a hot meal. She used to sew or knit socks and mittens. SCV: What were your first thoughts when you found out were going to be a parent?

FC:  How proud we were and it didn't matter the gender - we just hoped for a healthy baby!

SCV: What 's the biggest lesson you've learned from being a parent?

FC:  When your kids want to talk to you, listen to what they are saying.

SCV: What are you most proud of in your life?

FC:  My wife for putting up with me! She never complained. My two girls and my two boys who are hard-working and true. I believe I was a good provider for my family.

SCV: If you were to give advice to a new dad, what would it be?

FC:  Be a friend, not a boss. Guide and listen and make time for them.

We have so many wonderful Fathers who work, reside or visit St. Charles Village. Fathers play a vital role in our community, providing guidance, support, and love. Join us this Saturday, June 15th for a Father's Day BBQ event to celebrate, filled with games, delicious food, vendors, and penny raffle table.

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