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November: Fall Prevention Month

As the crisp autumn breeze sweeps through the St. Charles Village property, it's a reminder that fall is not only a season of vibrant colors and chillier temperatures, but also a time to be proactive about safety. November is the month we shine a light on fall prevention which is a crucial aspect of ensuring the well-being of our cherished residents. In this blog post, we'll explore practical tips and strategies, used within our home, to create a safe and secure environment for seniors during the fall season.

Inside Resident Suites:

  • Assess and address potential hazards such as uneven or damaged furniture, loose area carpets, and cluttered spaces.

    • Use handrails in hallways and grab bars in bathrooms to provide additional support.

    • As daylight hours are shortened in the cooler months, ensure rooms are well-lit and change any lights are out

Footwear Awareness:

  • Wear supportive and non-slip footwear, especially when venturing outdoors.

  • Regularly check and replace worn-out soles to maintain optimal traction.

Regular Exercise Programs:

  • Each week, Lifemark leads fall prevention exercise programs tailored to the residents' abilities to encourage strength and flexibility.

  • Additional activities such as balloon volleyball, chair yoga, bowling and walking club can promote optimal circulation, stability and good mental health.

Medication Management:

  • Our healthcare team liaises with external health care teams to administer residents' medications to prevent side effects that may impact balance.

  • Seniors should be made aware by their Doctor any medication-related risks and the importance of adhering to prescribed doses if they are administering their own medication.

Seasonal Outdoor Precautions:

  • Our team at St. Charles keeps pathways and ramps clear of snow and debris to prevent slips and falls.

  • We encourage residents to wear warm clothing and proper footwear for chilly weather to reduce the risk of falls while outside the building.

Emergency Response Planning:

  • Our staff are trained in emergency response procedures, including fall-related incidents.

  • Our team has a communication plan in place to alert appropriate personnel and residents' families in case of an emergency.

Even though November is the month to highlight our fall prevention strategies, you and your loved one's safety is still our top priority every month. By continuing to implement these fall prevention measures, we create an environment that promotes independence and ensures that our seniors enjoy this season of life to the fullest.

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