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A Love Story Unveiled: Celebrating 55 Years of Love

In a world that often seems to be in constant flux, there's a timeless tale of love, right here at St. Charles Village, that has withstood the test of 55 years.

Our Niagara College placement student, Mya, took some time to sit down with this remarkable couple, Bart and Bonnie.

M: How did you two meet?

Bart: I lived in Fort Erie and she lived in Stevensville. My sibling was dating her sibling, so we met through them. At first, I noticed that she was very pretty and we got along quite well. Later on, we got married.

M: How long have you been married?

Both: This year we are celebrating 55 years of marriage, as we were married in 1969!

M: What are your favourite things to do together?

Both: We like to do everything together, but our favourite thing to do together is to go out to eat. We also like to watch Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune and Blue Bloods together on television. M: How long have you lived at St. Charles Village? Bart: We have enjoyed living at St. Charles since March 2023. It's almost been a whole year now! We really enjoy coming downstairs for the birthday parties and music.

M: What else would you like to share with us? Bart: We have three children (including one we adopted at 6 weeks old). Growing up as a family, we had cats and a dog named Spike. We really miss our house in Fort Erie, but really enjoy living at St. Charles. The secret to our happiness has been to always been kind to one another.

After speaking with Bart and Bonnie, it became apparent that their story is not just a testament to longevity, but a testament to the strength of a love that has weathered the seasons of life. Bart and Bonnie are just one of the amazing couples that call St. Charles Village home. We wish all our residents, family and friends a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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